1. What is SeDaTE?

    SeDaTE is an acronym for the “Sedation e-Learning Database and Training / Education” (SeDaTE), a video based internet application that has been used to approve nearly 10,000 non-anesthesiologists to administer moderate sedation within the hospital setting since July of 2004. SeDaTE is the result of a partnership between The PLUS Company and the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System.

  2. What does SeDaTE do?

    • Standardizes the educational and approval process for non-anesthesiologists who administer moderate sedation;
    • Automates the administrative tasks associated with approving non-anesthesiologists who administer moderate sedation;
    • Provides a secure, searchable, database that allows administrators immediate access to determine if a non-anesthesiologist is approved to administer moderate sedation and when that approval expires: this database can be searched by name, facility, profession (MD, RN, other), department, procedure area or any other predetermined criteria;
    • Can be fully customized with your organization’s Policy & Procedure, different post-test questions, and anything else your organization needs to achieve your goals with the product;
    • Meets and exceeds current applicable Joint Commission standards.
“Thank you for providing this online educational activity!! Excellent media presentation. Made things easy. Thank you!” - actual evaluation.
  1. How does SeDaTE work?

    The “Sedation e-Learning Database and Training / Education” (SeDaTE) enables a hospital or healthcare system to deliver video-based education on safe moderate sedation practices over the Internet and /or their own Intranet. The video is organized and separated in nine sections. The nine sections cover the same material published in the “Practice Guidelines for Sedation and Analgesia by Non-anesthesiologists” developed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

    Accompanying the video are “Supplemental Materials”. The “Supplemental Materials” can be reviewed at any time before, during, or after the video, accommodating the different preferences of adult learners. We can incorporate your organization’s “Policy & Procedure” as the “Supplemental Materials” if requested.

    “Course Notes” appear next to the video in the user interface that then prompt the viewer when to review the “Supplemental Materials” as the material in these written documents are addressed in the video.

    Each customer who purchases this product will have a web site and database specific to their organization, whether it’s a stand-alone hospital or a large healthcare system with many facilities.

“The course was very organized. It flowed well. Educational. Easy to understand and remember.” - actual evaluation.
  1. How does SeDaTE help standardize the approval process for nonanesthesiologists who need permission to administer moderate sedation?

    SeDaTE is designed to be incorporated into the approval process for non-anesthesiologists who provide moderate sedation in a variety of healthcare settings. It is accredited for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credit by the Department of Professional and Public Health Education of the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System. Certificates are automatically generated and links to these certificates are e-mailed to participants and accessible to administrators 24 / 7 / 365.

    SeDaTE tracks participants’ progress through the course, allows them to log out and subsequently log back in without losing their place, tests their expertise on the subject matter, asks them to complete a compliance statement that they’ve reviewed the course and accompanying materials, and to evaluate the course to then receive CME credit while allowing administrators to evaluate how successfully SeDaTE is being implemented in their organization.

  2. Who would use the SeDaTE program in my facility?

    “Practitioners” view the course and go through the other steps of the approval process.

    “Administrators” have ongoing access to a database of moderate sedation-approved practitioners within their organization.

    Evaluations for the Course are aggregated and summarized in real time, allowing administrators to see exactly what practitioners think about SeDaTE at any given point in time.

  3. What assurances do I have that the product will be well-received in my hospital or healthcare system?

    We guarantee your satisfaction with your hospital’s or health system’s evaluations after a 90-day introductory trial period or you may cancel your contract with 30-days written notice.

“Enjoyed learning at home, sitting at my own computer. Excellent. Brilliant. Educational.” - actual evaluation.
  1. What do people think about SeDaTE?

    SeDaTE was featured as a “best practice” case study on the Joint Commission Satellite Network (JCSN) in September of 2004. SeDaTE has also been surveyed over 30 times by The Joint Commission.

    In all instances SeDaTE was found to meet or exceed the expectations of the applicable standards by The Joint Commission.

    Ask to see our evaluations. They speak for themselves.

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